Breeding Policy

Mastiff Puppies

Our MISSION is to improve the breed and to never do anything knowingly that will create or pass on an undesirable characteristic or trait. We believe in the integrity of the breed and try to emulate the “Standards” as set forth by the “AKC” & the “Mastiff Club of America’s” (MCOA) Code of Ethics.

All our dogs are OFA tested. We strive for a sound dog that moves really well, without defects, and has an EXCELLENT temperament.

CAUTION: A Mastiff is at least a 10 year commitment. Although very sweet, they are huge dogs. Think long and hard before you buy this breed. For the breed’s sake, make sure you are prepared to make and keep this commitment.

Puppy Contract

Sales agreement between Nancy Spiller , Audley Farm, hereinafter known as seller (breeder) and ______________________________________________________, hereinafter known as buyer.

In consideration of the terms outlined in this agreement, seller hereby gives and relinquishes on Mastiff described as follows:

Description of dog:_________________________________________________________

Sire: _____________________________________

AKC Reg. #: _______________________________

Dam: _____________________________________

AKC Reg. #: _______________________________

Birthdate: _________________________________

AKC Litter #: ______________________________

AKC Reg. #: _______________________________

Buyers Responsibilities:

Buyer agrees to always use the sellers kennel name, Audley, at the beginning of said dog’s name and when publishing any advertisement.

Buyer agrees to promptly notify seller of any change of address or telephone number.
Buyer accepts full responsibility for the animal once it leaves the seller. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

a. First week visit to a veterinarian for a checkup and any shots required at that time and intro to new vet.

b. Maintenance of this giant breed puppy on a proper diet and at a weight commensurate with its size and age.

c. Giving it regular training and adequate physical care.

d. Keeping it in a suitably contained area adjacent to the buyer’s residence, not chaining it or allowing it to roam at large.

e. Providing competent veterinarian care to include an annual physical and DHLP booster and rabies vaccination, as required by law.

f. Keeping the dog in such a manner as to prevent its being teased or abused by any person.

This dog or any offspring of this dog shall not be given to, sold to, leased to, or consigned to any commercial pet store, any chain store, puppy mill, commercial breeding establishment, nor fund raising raffle, no matter how charitable.

If this dog is used for breeding, it shall be bred with care only to a registered Mastiff, and only in such a manner to improve the breed as a whole.

It is further agreed that, if at any time this dog is to be sold, given away, destroyed, or otherwise disposed of for any reason, the buyer shall notify the seller before taking action, and the seller shall have first option to repossess said dog or to make any other appropriate arrangements.

Buyer agrees to abide by all the conditions contained in this contract.

Sellers Responsibilities:

Seller agrees to furnish AKC individual registration papers, a three generation pedigree, and a medical record of the dog.

Seller has taken every reasonable precaution to insure physical soundness and mental stability in this breeding. Buyer of a “show potential” animal recognizes that no puppy can be guaranteed a show winner and accepts this limitation upon the guarantee which is as follows:

a. Seller guarantees a “show potential” Mastiff.

b. Upon presentation of a claim substantiated by the seller’s veterinarian’s report (i.e., in the case of hip dysphasia) by a qualified radiologist’s statement, the buyer has either one of the following options:

1: He may immediately return the animal and it’s papers to the breeder who will exchange the dog with one of like quality and kind.

2: He may keep a “show potential” animal as a pet and, upon proof of sterilization, the breeder will either refund the net difference down to “pet price” at time of sale or purchase a second “show potential” animal at the established “pet price”.

c. Seller reserves the write to consult and accept the diagnosis of a veterinarian of seller’s choice.

d. If, in the opinion of the buyer’s veterinarian, the animal must be destroyed due to a hereditary condition before the age of 15 months, the seller must first be notified. If a veterinarian of the seller’s choice concurs with the buyer’s veterinarian’s opinion, seller will replace the euthanized animal with one of like quality.

e. All claims must be made within thirty days of confirmation of condition. Exchange or replacement is subject to availability.

f. Seller is not responsible for death, injury, or deformity of the animal due to accident, illness, or any deviation from adequate care normally given a giant breed dog, including overweight.

g. In the case of a show potential male puppy, the breeder retains breeding rights on this dog. The breeder reserves the right to use this dog as stud to any bitch owned or co-owned by the breeder. There will be no monetary compensation for this service. In the event that vet collection fees and shipping charges are encountered, these charges will be paid by the breeder.

It is further agreed that if the buyer fails to perform any of these acts, the seller may, at his option, revoke this agreement of sale and take possession of the dog with the buyer forfeiting further rights to the dog and the cash consideration paid to the seller.

“Show Potential” Price: _________

Pet Price: _________

Agreed to and entered into this ______ day of ________________.


Seller’s Signature


Buyer’s Signature

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