Letters From Clients

Dear Nancy,

Once I decided to get an English Mastiff the search was on for a breeder. Fortunately, by mentioning it to several people, I got some help. My sister’s Great Dane breeder is a professional handler of mastiffs at various shows such as Westminster, and put me in touch with you.

I have had many pets in my life. Yet I never had any personal experience with an English Mastiff, having seen one in person only once at the Pet Expo at Nassau Coliseum. A quiz on the internet said it was the perfect dog for me – but, well, you should never believe anything you read on the internet! Yet in doing my research, and speaking with you, and  having you answer all my “breed” questions, I was convinced this was the right dog for me.

During your “interview” of me, I was surprised that you wanted pictures of my yard! But then I realized that that was EXACTLY what I was looking for. A breeder who CARES about where her dogs are going will clearly care about the  kind of dogs she is breeding! So, I guess we picked each other!

I decided on a brindle female. I wanted a dog that was intimidating looking for security, but a real love inside. I wanted a big dog, but thought maybe a female wouldn’t be as big as I wanted. I remember your exact words, “my females run big.”

Well, it has been a year now. “Precious” just had her first birthday on May 12th, weighing in at 173.4 lbs! My little teeny tiny!! I couldn’t be happier with my girl. She is a love.

For anyone who is not familiar with the breed – this is a true family dog! She wants nothing more than to be loved and give “mastiff kisses.” If I sit in the most comfortable spot in the house, there she is, right next to me. And if I sit in the most UNcomfortable spot in the house, there she is, right next to me. She just wants to be with her people.

The only thing that surprised me was that she was a little noise sensitive. As a puppy, of course, she was nervous with new sounds/experiences. But after all, my neighborhood is a bit different than the beautiful, quiet countryside of Blairs Mills, PA!! My house is two blocks from MacArthur Airport on Long Island and I am directly in the flight path. When I say I can wave to the people I am not exaggerating! But after some time and exposure to new experiences as a puppy, she has calmed down and realized there is no reason to be afraid of the big, bad airplane – it just flies right by!

I couldn’t be happier with my girl. The only drawback of having a big dog is that they don’t make any of those cute outfits in tent size, but big is beautiful!

Thank you Nancy!



Hi Nancy,

Just a note to tell you just how wonderful our new baby Audley Farms Magnus I of Surry continues to be. Magnus loves to explore our nine acres and the lake and he always remains within ten feet of us. I treat him exactly like I treated his Grandfather Bart when he came into our lives six and one half years ago and he responds in the very same way-I’m sure that this is not a coincidence but a part of his Audley Farms genetic background. I am extremely pleased that Bart,an Audley Farms Jules son,and Pudge,an Audley Farms Stanley daughter,are loving him as if they KNOW that Magnus is their beautiful loving Grandson-far beyond my expectations.
I continue to give you ALL the credit for the LOVING temperament and for the true Mastiff structure and the healthy bodies that you have bred into your Audley Farms program ! You have allowed ALL of us who have been fortunate enough to have acquired one of your “forever babies” to feel their LOVE ,their exceptional behavior and our knowledge that they ALL could be a trusted,loving and valued MEMBER of our families-you have given us so much. I only wish that I could tell everyone who have just taken Pippie’s and Squeeze’s “babies” into their homes and into their lives just how blessed they are and how truly fortunate they have  been to have such a special,lifetime gift from Audley Farms and from Nancy Spiller –you have done a remarkable job for the Mastiff breed and their fortunate owners.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart !!!!




ps…………Otis still has his little picnics when we go for a ride………..and that will never, ever change !!!
God bless you for all that you do.


Dear Nancy and your Audley crew. When I think back to my first conversation with you it brings back so many memories and feelings of when I was a young teen trying to get something my parents were not going to let me get unless I proved I could take care of it. You have been such a protective mom to your kids since my first chat with you and you have never let your guard down with that.

After many long days of waiting and hoping to get our Audley puppy, we finally got her. It was worth the wait and proving to you we will give our baby girl not only a forever loving home but also a safe and happy life. Libby is even more adorable than we could have hoped for. She looks so much like her parents, Bessie and Jules. It is so exciting; she is growing like a weed.

We are truly blessed to not only have you as a friend but you are so much more to us, you are our family. Your furry family is amazing and we thank you for letting us into your life and we are honored to be part of life on your farm. There’s no place like home and Audley Farms is such a lovely home. We promise Liberty will come visit soon, hopefully for Bucks in May. Till then hopefully we will get our photo skills down better and keep you up on life in Alpine.

As always, Smiles ( : Respectfully Jaimee’, Chris, Jamason & Preston..Libby, Delilah, Lola, Lacey, Goliath, Rocky and Bearington. Alpine Mastiffs-Alpine California


Nancy, one of my online friends just sent this to me. I am not a member of this board but had to sign up to see. It is like a huge testament to you and your dogs!

It made me very proud I get to pick up “Carl”TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One person was looking at one of the pics with my baby in it and said it made them want to drive to get one! Don’t let them in until Carl is safely gone. ;)


Hi Nancy,

I had to laugh when you asked me what we were feeding Brutus, its the same as you told us too, nothing has changed, he just keeps growing and growing, hahaha. Sometimes i think his food is really spinache, haha. We are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY with Him, he’s EVERYTHING And MORE to us, am so glad i called your number in the paper, i think God sees what we really wanted, and led us to You.
I can’t Thank You Enough, Brutus is a Very Loving And Special child for us,( dog child), hahaha. Will keep you up to date as things progress, at this rate, we will be sending you new pics every 3 weeks. We can’t wait until you see him in person again.

Take Care, and Keep winning those ribbons!





Love John and Susan they sent such as nice letter its great to know such wonderful people. I thank you for introducing me to so many nice people this year I really appricate it. All you puppy people are great and are turning out to be good friends. If you need any thing let me know or if you need help in our time off just ask because I’ll be going crazy up here and am sure I could use to get away for a while come Jan. Thanks so much for getting me to fall so much in love with this breed and the people in it. I’m excited about this up coming year to do shows close and just see what she can do the following year is when she should really be specailed she will have matured by then.

Once again thanks fo much Nancy you have been great to me. I love showing your dogs and have really fell for this breed. Can’t wait till I get a bigger place!!!

Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year
Give everyone hugs, kisses and cheese doodles for me
lot of love


Hi Nancy,

I just wanted to email you to say that your site is absolutely wonderful, I laughed my socks off at the ‘Rules for Mastiff Owners’ (our 13-month-old is currently in the bedroom with me as I write, even though he is not allowed upstairs!). The pictures of the new pups are beautiful, little Veela is my favourite (have a soft spot for fawn…). I hope that one day I can buy one of your pups, although we live in England currently so definitely not an option at the moment! I long to live on a ranch one day, with a whole posse of mastiffs to keep me company… a bit like you! Although my husband is starting to complain that the dog is taking over our lives…. maybe I should have a child to keep him happy ;oD!!

I bet you are very loved by all your pups, they all look like fabulous dogs (and bitches!).


Christina Kebbell



Samson is a little more than 7 months, I think, and growing like a weed. But a good weed. He has a wonderful disposition and gets along with everyone. Every new person that walks in the door is a new friend that he needs to greet. Unless, of course, he is tired. He is tired a lot. Sometimes, he greets them with his eyebrows. He’s a really cool dog. When we run out of his “gas” pills, we treat it as if we ran out of insulin or something really important and run to the store. RUN. More than once he has sent me out of the room. But you gotta love this dog. He loves getting baths too. He will
sit there while you lather him up and loves the water.

Nancy, we were hoping that in two or three weekends, would it be possible to come up on a Saturday and let you check him out? I respect your judgement and eye and just want to have you evaluate him for me. I think he is beautiful and that won’t change but should I show him? Maybe by looking at the shape of his head and the coloring and ‘God knows what’ you are supposed to look at, you might be able to tell me something.

Anyhow, Scherry and I would like to visit and let you see how well he is doing. I think you will love his disposition. He is as sweet as your girls were. That is what really clinched it for me. The sweetness of these mammoths.

Anyhow, let me know if that would be okay in two or three Saturdays. Thanks.


Dear Nancy,

Molly is doing just fine!! ON the way home after about a half hour she layed her head into me, and slept most the way.!! :) When we got home, she ate a little bit and drank some cool water. Then after everyone huggin and kissing her ,she went to sleep on a dog bed and slept the rest of the night until about 7:00a.m. Everyone in the house absolutely loves her!!!! She is soo adorable. My little sister and Molly are becoming great pals, and she’s only been her for about a half a day!!! My sister likes to pet her,and Molly was playing with her!!! Then after i let her outside 2 do her business, she came in sat next to my dad and watched T.V.!! She’s just getting used to everything and everyone, but she’s adapted pretty well so far!! Right now she’s takin a nap, all snuggled, and snorin!!!! She’s soooo cute!!! Her personality is starting to show a little bit!!! And she really likes it outside! But, all is well and we definetly love her!!! She’s so gentle with the baby!, and she loves that raw-hide bone!! My dad is going to Petsmart in a little bit to get her a nice bed, food, and a couple toys! :) She’s fitting in just fine, and I wouldn’t trade her for any other dog in the world!!! :) She even wags her tail for me!! I think she’s starting to like me!!! :) She hasn’t cried at all, only once because her bone was getting her frustrated…but non the less she is doing very well, and we all adore, and love her!!! :)

The Phelps Family.. and Molly!! :)

P.S. We’d like to thank-you for everything you’ve done this past month!! We should be sending you pictures pretty soon.. Molly sends her love to you and all the other dogs!! Bye for now!! :)


Nancy, Thank you so much for giving me a wonderful weekend I had a terrific time. You are really amazing. The systematic way you have progressed is really awesome, and doing it alone and with a fraction of the money of the people you are competing against – I’m really honored to be associated with you at the shows.

Susan and the kids were thrilled at the news.




Gotta BRAG BIG TIME for Kitty’s breeder Nancy Spiller ( Mastiffs of Audley
Farms ). Nancy isn’t on any of the bulletin boards or yahoogroups and she’s not
the type that brags on her dogs so…..I’M GONNA DO IT FOR HER and TOOT HER
HORN !!!!!!!!

Three days of shows Nancy’s kids went breed 3 for 3 – PLUS a GROUP 1 -
breeder/owner/handled with her 2 year old boy CH Audley Farms Family Jules! He
made the cut in group on Friday and on Sunday Nancy’s girl “Girlie” littermate
to Jules, won breed and made the cut in group with Jessica Carson at the helm!

All this with ZERO advertising – ZERO buddies with any of the judges and
according to Nancy – poor handling on her own part!!! For those who dont know
Nancy, she is so far from flashy it isn’t even funny! Talk about humble and
understated, she is one very classy lady!

Her girl LaLa won her 12-18 class all 3 days and it was her very first time
in a show.

Friday Breed went to Jules ( CH Audley Farms Family Jules )

Saturday WB for a major went to Kitty’s littermate sister Cherry ( Audley
Farms American Pie ). BOS went to Jules’ littermate sister Girlie ( Audley Farms
To The Nines ) and Breed/Group 1 to Jules!

Sunday, WB was once again Cherry for another major and Breed went to Girlie,
who also made the cut in Group competition with Jess!

I’ll post a pic of Jules when Nancy receives/sends it.




I cannot express to you how much I love this breed. My Saundra is my baby, she goes everywhere. It’s funny if I leave the room, it likes she knows and will come find me. She is wonderful with my daughter – they can roll around on the floor, she lays all over her and Saundra just gives her kisses. I cannot wait to get another mastiff. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me and my family one of your dogs.



He is sooooo awesome!!! We are all in love…housebreaking is great…not even using a crate…you should see Ernie and Waldo play ,it is hysterical….he is 42lbs today at the vets…got shots and did well…he is the best puppy I ever had and I am getting all my future Mastiffs from you!

Who says you can’t buy love!!!!

Victoria Tecce



After serching for about 7 months I came across Nancy Spillers web site.I had wanted a Mastiff for a very long time and my family and I decided we were ready.Over those 7 months we read ,spoke to people , went to shows and researched the internet, and we are still leaning every day. It was only 2 years ago that we brought Emma home (Audley Farms Leather and Lace)We now proudly own four of Nancys dogs.Over the last 2 years Nancy has been there for us in many different ways.We speak or e-mail almost daily,we send pictures back and forth because we want the other to see the joy that each other is having.My family and I have made the three+ hr. trip to have picnics with our friend and breeder and will always look forward to the next time.The first time I went out to see Nancy I had my son with me who was six at the time. As we passed through her gate I had my son on my shoulders and by the time we were half way to the house my son wanted down . Not one dog jumped on us but we did find out what a real Mastiff kiss was like. After spending some time there we came home with Emma.Only being around the breed for 2 years now I still am a novice to Mastiff and the show ring but I do know when I have a great dog for my family.I feel very lucky for the family I have and the friend we have in Nancy Spiller. She cares for her dogs as I do for my children.

John C Horn



Hi Nancy,

Today is a big day at our house since Grendel is celebrating his first Birthday. (Lots of treats & toys) . So of course we are reminded of you and how lucky we are to have one of your puppies. We may be bias parents, but Grendel is the sweetest most lovable dog I have ever met… So many licks and wagging tails, we can’t get enough of him.

He still has a lot of puppy in him and loves to romp & play & fetch and chew on everything (mostly toys & shoes). He is wonderful with the boys and they are so proud of him. He is truly our third child.

So I just wanted to say a quick hi, and let you know how happy we are on this day and looking forward to many happy returns.

Thanks, Kevin, Amy, William & Robert

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